Juruflex-J120 - Jet Fire Jacket System



JuruFlex-J120 Jet Fire Jacket System, which offers a modern, wire free, easy to install alternative to industry requirements. The effects of hydrocarbon fires within the oil & gas industries both on and offshore can be catastrophic and can result in major loss of life and capital investment.

JuruFlex-J120 passive fire protection is a best of breed flexible protection jacket system with quilted construction to facilitate complex structural shapes.

JuruFlex-J120 is designed for rapid installation using the JURUNATURE safe-locking securing system and is fully removable and re-installable for inspection and maintenance.

JuruFlex-J120 is a certified system, tested to the new and more onerous jet fire standard ISO 2289921 ("Determination of the resistance to jet fires of passive fire protection materials").

JuruFlex-J120 can be installed around critical plant shutdown equipment such as valves and actuators, pipes and associated equipment, electrical raceways, junction boxes and vessels.


Advantages of JuruFlex-J120 Typical JuruFlex-J120 apllicators
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Inspection hatches can be incorporated
  • Asbestos free
  • Manufactured using non RFC fibre
  • All testing witnessed & certified by Lloyd's Register
  • J120 certified
  • NO lacing wire
  • Valves & Actuators (ESDVs, MOVs, etc)
  • Vessels
  • Pipework & Flanged Joints
  • Electrical Raceways (cable trays & conduits)
  • Junction Boxes


JuruFlex-J120 is of a quilted core composite construction consisting of multiple layers of high temperature fire resistant fibre encased within a weather proof outer cover.

JuruFlex-J120 is designed to be tight fitting around critical plant equipment and comprises an assembly of pre-shaped jackets secured together using the JURUNATURE safe-lock system. The jacket system is easy to install and remove using a combination of quick release fastners and the JURUNATURE safe-locking securing system.

JuruFlex-J120 has been developed and extensively tested to withstand the onerous effects of high temperature gydrocarbon jet fires (witnessed and approved by Lloyds Register) and as such JuruFlex-J120 can be applied extensively within the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry, thus reducing fire loss or damage by allowing controlled shutdown of facilities in the event of a major incident.


  • In-house design and engineering facility
  • Design, engineer, manufacture and site installation of JuruFlex-J120 system
  • Service include site installation, site supervision, surveys, risk assessment and safety audits
  • All component fully tested and certified
  • Quality Accreditation to ISO 9001:2008
  • OHSAS18001:2007 Accredited