VSAT Systems and ICT Solutions

VSAT Systems

JURUNATURE continues to provide best in class service to the industry and through its partnership with ITC Global which is the world’s leading satellite network for highly connected remote operations.

We specialize in satellite-based communications for industrial operations in extreme environments, including deep-water energy exploration, remote mining and transoceanic shipping. Today our partner, ITC Global is the number one provider of satellite communications networks to the mining industry and among the top three providers to the oil and gas industry.

ICT Solutions

JURUNATURE is proudly to present our ICT technology products and services that offer comprehensive solutions including the provision of research, design, development, marketing and maintenance services or supply chain solutions, turnkey software development for other business application, professional IT services, hardware and software products implementation.

Furthermore, we provide consultancy service to clients regarding technical, operational and project management for their holistic systems. These include, but not limited to, issues on back-end integration, security issues and online strategy. The Company services large multinational companies on their worldwide integration compliance.