Emission Monitoring and Reporting

Perfect Point Measuring (PPM)

  • First operations in 1996
  • Experts in emission monitoring

Fugitive emissions are emissions of gases or vapors that come from pressurized equipment due to leaks and other unintended or irregular releases of gases. These fugitive emissions contribute to air pollution and climate change. All these little leaks of emissions in equipment could cause a huge emission. When controlled, this could be a huge cost and environment saver.


To control and reduce fugitive emissions, we have set up a unique software program. This program is built up from to ground with one purpose: get insight in your plant fugitive emissions. Our interactive P&ID software allows the user to navigate through an entire facility and assign parameters against any defined object on the drawings. We have developed a electronic drawing management system that converts MS Visio, Auto-CAD, Bentley, Integraph SmartPlant and other formats to our TPD format so all users could access online.

When a data base is built up from your facility you could very easily control the fugitive emissions by making work orders for broken equipment like gaskets in a valve or a broken weld.



  • Leak detection (LDAR), SLDAR and flare emission monitoring
  • Loss analyses and improvement service
  • Asset and Drawings Management Solution
  • Energy projects



  • Leak Detection And Repair (Reporting)
  • To control and to reduce fugitive emissions
  • Measurements with TVA and Gasfindcamera
  • Point by point measuring



  • Smart Leak Detection And Repair (Reporting)
  • Detect emissions with FLIR (GF320) to find leaks and then measure with TVA Tool.
  • SLDAR is more quicker than regular LDAR measurement so it’s more cost efficient.

Converting to TPD

Convert drawings to TPD Software and capture leak data for reporting and repair order.