Deepwater Innovative Subsea Solutions

JURUNATURE is proud to present our subsea solutions partner Deep Down, Inc. which is a leading subsea oilfield services company providing subsea solutions for the world's energy and offshore industries. The company's primary focus is on complex deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil production distribution system support services and products used between the platform and the wellhead.

Deep Down supports subsea engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance projects through specialized, highly experienced service teams and engineered technological solutions. We also offer subsea equipment storage, system integration testing, deepwater systems, subsea equipment rental, umbilical manufacturing, subsea systems, subsea installation services and more.


We provide quality subsea equipment including rental services to offshore exploration and production industries worldwide. Our broad range of offshore tools and subsea equipment is capable of providing assistance in a variety of difficult deepwater installations

Loose Steel Tube Flying Leads (LSFL)


Deep Down is a leader in flying lead design, manufacture and installation; in particular steel tube flying leads. Our flagship product, the LSFL® (Loose Steel Tube Flying Lead), was developed to eliminate the residual memory left in traditional flying leads due to the bundling process. The loose lay of the tubes significantly reduces stiffness of the assembly, allows the bundle to lay flat on the sea floor, follow the prescribed lay path precisely, bend in a tight radius with minimal resistance and offer maximum compliance for easy makeup in lengths up to 1,000’.

When greater lengths up to 10,000’ are required, we utilize our patented NHU® (Non-Helical Umbilical) in conjunction with a complaint section on each end of the assembly to achieve the same result. We also offer hybrid LSFL® assemblies which can include any number and combination of electrical, optical, hose and steel tube elements. Hybrid LSFL® technology provides installation savings in both time and money as fewer operations are required to install the combined unit.






We designed a fully scalable carousel system that can be manufactured to handle 1,000 MT or up to 9,000 MT for the largest carousel, depending on customer requirements. The carousels can be used for land-based storage or offshore deployment of product from an installation vessel.

Carousel design is highly flexible allowing storage and deployment of various cables and umbilicals with modular sections that provide more compliance and relief against tolerance issues. The carousel remains easy to ship, offering bulk transportation of standardized umbilical cross-sections to reduce delivery cost.

Carousel system can be configured to provide ample space to store and install the largest umbilicals on the market while saving you money, continuing the Deep Down tradition of exceeding industry standards and providing customers with a safe, cost-effective solution.




Rapid Deployment Cartridges and Subsea Deployment Baskets


Deep Down's Rapid Deployment Cartridges (RDC) and Subsea Deployment Baskets (SDB) provide installation contractors with safer methods to install umbilicals and flying leads. Both the RDC and SDB provide storage, transportation, and installation methods for your flexible pipe and umbilical flying leads. The RDC and SDB are stackable and typically transportable without the need for permits.

The RDC is designed to operate in conjunction with a horizontal drive unit (HDU) keeping loads very low to the ground and minimizing uneven tension that can lead to balancing and other problems experienced with vertical drive units due to variability in centrifugal forces.

To eliminate risks and hazards associated with holdback wires and cables under tension used in traditional over-boarding methods, Deep Down developed the SDB. The SDB incorporates a mud mat that allows for deployment and installation of umbilicals and umbilical flying leads from the seafloor. The SDB reduces the risks often associated with ultra-deep installations.







Drone inspection services are becoming important in a number of industries. The application of drone technology is nearly limitless and has become integral to oil and gas pipeline inspection projects, wind farm inspection, rig inspections, oil spill detection, agriculture and in the construction/maintenance of communications towers and other large structures. The high-tech equipment needed to conduct these operations can be expensive and confusing to buy outright, especially if your company is just getting started. For this reason, drone rental is often preferable to purchasing your own equipment. In addition to lower cost, there are many benefits to renting the drones and crews you need.





Surface-Subsea Remote Systems


Deep Down ROV Technologies    

ROV operations for all applications. In Partnership with Saxon Remote Systems we offer a one-stop shop for all your Remotely Operated & Unmanned Vehicles.

Variations of ROV units available from inspection class to full work class if needed, plus tooling and maintenance!




DDI AUV Capabilities


  • DDI AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is launched from either davit from Vessel, beach, or from remote location via the Wahoo Remote Surface Vessel (RSV) which tows the Marlin to location with no AUV fuel drain and towed back to shore
  • Marlin operates either as AUV under full autonomy or as a tether less observation vehicle driven remotely anywhere in the work by unmanned Wahoo RSV or by minimally manned Fast Response Vessel (FRV) or minimally manned Work Cat
  • Ships with Wahoo in 40’ container anywhere in the world
  • Marlin AUV capabilities are:
    • 3D bottom mapping, Oil seepage detection on bottom, As built Pipeline Survey
    • Leak Detection, Loop Current Monitoring, Acoustic vessel surveillance and detection/mapping
    • Live touchdown monitoring for pipeline installation when working with Wahoo
    • Hydro thermal vent searching and mapping, Wreck detection and Perimeter security patrol




Wahoo RSV Capabilities


  • DDI Wahoo Remote Surface Vessel (RSV) is launched from either Davit from larger mother ship, dock crane, or boat Ramp the beach or from Remote location.
  • Wahoo ships with Marlin in 40’ container anywhere in the world.
  • Wahoo operates completely remotely anywhere in the world and has multiple communication methods.  It communicates with Subsea Devices with its own on board USBL transmitter and receiver and is driven remotely anywhere in the work by unmanned Wahoo RSV
  • It has the ability to give commands to AUVs giving them ROV capability and can communicate with any acoustic based system remotely. 
  • Its functions are:
    • Data Truck from AUVs allowing date to be transmitted live or more frequently than waiting for AUV to be recovered
    • Give commands to AUVs remotely
    • Recover and deploy AUVs
    • Deploy simple based ROV
    • Man over board (MOB) rescue or recovery
    • Deploy and tow various packages and gather information from those package and transmit that information real time remotely





(Tactical Advanced Surveillance Krawler) is a Remote operated vehicle from any cell, RC, and wi-fi based system.

Its functions are:

  • Surveillance when weather permits aerial drone operations
  • Bomb Detection
  • Fire Fighting
  • Ground penetrating Radar
  • Ground mapping with LIDAR
  • CP monitoring
  • Radiation Monitoring
  • Miniminzing people in harms way:
    • Ammo Delivery
    • 2nd Man overwatch