HICO2 Dry Ice Blasting

Most innovative technology that uses high-density C02 as a form of blast medium, which eliminates the need for extraction, waste removal, and encapsulation.  The process also offers you the opportunity to blast and paint at the same time. Used for removal of heavy corrosion, epoxy coatings, PFP coatings and hard scales and is the world’s first corrosion removal system using dry ice. The world’s first mobile high-density dry ice production system and are pioneers in offshore dry ice blasting projects. Significant savings due to the reduction of site preparation, clean-up costs and waste disposal costs as there is no waste as the ice evaporates. Significant time saving as it takes on 25% of the total time compared to traditional methods (eg. Grit blasting).



Recent tests have achieved the following results, following blasting with our system: 

  • Cleanliness inspection – in line with SA2.5 standard 
  • Profile reading – 70 microns after blasting Cat D corroded surface 
  • Salt readings – 0 after blasting the above 
  • Adhesion tests – readings of 15-27MPa achieved on the above surface after recoating 

Generating a new surface profile

DI Global carried out TSA testing with the Shell TRT department.

Tests past which proved the DIG MM system is capable of producing a surface cleanliness & sufficient profiles to pass TSA adhesion and bend tests.

Technology achieves significant savings due to the reduction of site preparation, clean-up costs and waste disposal costs.



Technology is safe to use, with reduced hazards to the operator and surrounding environment. The CO2 we use comes from recycled sources. 



Our client list includes the following: 

       • Shell, Total, Valero, Nexen, EnQuest and Brunei LNG 

Remote Production

HiCO2 Dry Ice production units are fitted with the latest in dry ice production technology. Various sizes and capacities can be accommodated. Our standard equipment is delivered in a 10ft shipping container.




  • Dry Ice Blasting technology (either HiCO2 alone OR with MM under high air pressure to remove various contaminants)
  • Pioneer in offshore dry ice blasting projects
    • The revolutionary, patented technology has been developed specifically for surface preparation and fabric maintenance purposes in the Oil & Gas industry, and similar applications
  • World’s first heavy corrosion removal technology using dry ice
  • Removal of  epoxy coatings, PFP coatings & hard scales
  • No salt residue (eliminate premature coating failure)
  • World’s first mobile high-density production system
  • The technology achieves surface preparation in line with international coating standards, and has been approved by major coating suppliers.
  • Equipment is ATEX Certified for use in Zone 1 environments. 



Reduce costimprove efficiency & minimise waste (30-50% savings in blasting costs50% increase in productivity)


The table below documents a recent case study and the savings that were achieved. The time savings were realised through the lack of encapsulation and clean-up, completing the scope in just under 25% of the time for traditional methods.

Activity Grit Blasting Our DIGMM System Time Saving
Encapsulation  4.5 hours 0.2 hours 4.3 hours
Blasting 2 hours 2 hours 0 hours
Clean Up 2 hours 0 hours 2 hours
Total 8.5 hours 2.2 hours 6.3 hours


Comparison Between Conventional and HiCO2 Dry Ice Blasting

Grit Blasting Dry Ice Blasting
  1. Time taken to tape up stainless steel and encapsulate first half:
    • 1 hour 30mins for x 3man
  2. Time taken to blast the first half:
    • 2 hours of trigger time x 1man
  3. 27 bags of garnet
  4. 675 kgs of garnet
  5. Clean up all of Garnet:
    •  1hour x 2man
  6. Total Man hours for first half set-up, blast, clean up:

           8 hours 30 mins

  1. Time taken to tape up stainless steel and encapsulate FULL works:
    • 10mins x 1man
  2. Time taken to blast the FULL works
    • 1 hour of trigger time x 2man
    • 10 mins of Bristle blast x 1man
  3. 100kg of Dry Ice
  4. Clean up
    •  N/A
  5. Total Man hours for FULL works set-up, blast clean up:

           2 hours 20 mins



Grit Blasting


Dry Ice Blasting




Approval Letter and Technical Assessment for Dry Ice Blasting 

PETRONAS Approval Letter - Dry Ice Blasting

Shell Technical Assessment of Dry Ice Blasting

HiCO2 Surface Preparation System Dry Ice Brochure




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