Inspection Verification Bureau Ltd



Global independence inspection and verification resources for oil, gas and renewables

Inspection Verification Bureau Ltd (IVB) was created by personnel with over a hundred years combined experience. It is a name built on trust with skills developed at the highest level to ensure that customers can enjoy complete faith in the reliability, safety and integrity of all our work.IVB and its vastly experienced team operate from Great Yarmouth with highly-qualified associate engineers worldwide, offering versatile independent engineering verification and inspection of projects to the oil & gas, renewables and wider industrial sectors.

IVB offers: 

• Independent verification of offshore and onshore facilities.

• Independent inspection during procurement, manufacture and beyond.

• Risk assessment, both initial and continuing.

• Independent audits of management and technical competence.


Independent assessments can feature legal, compliance, quality, performance, environmental or health and safety factors and obligations.

Engineering consulting services and independent life cycle verification for:

• Pre-Engineering

• Feasibility studies

• FEED assessments

• Risk assessment & identification of safety critical elements

• Environmental impact assessments

• Basis of design Engineering & Design

• Performance standards

• Written scheme of examination

• Design calculations and analysis

• Material selection & corrosion protection

• Specification reviews

• Risk assessment & risk mitigation strategies

• Engineering studies (HAZOP, HAZID etc) Procurement & construction

• Vendor inspection

• Inspection during construction/fabrication

• Review of inspection and test plans

• Review of test proposals

• Witness of final acceptance tests

• Pre-shipment inspection Installation& commissioning

• Inspection during installation

• Witness of testing & commissioning Operation

• Asset integrity management

• Risk-based inspection and maintenance planning

• Condition inspection Development, implementation and auditing of QHSSE systems

• Technical training

• Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)

• Incident investigations & damage analysis Decommissioning

• Environmental impact assessment

• Decommissioning verification


Systems Verification

• Expertise

• Verification of quality management systems

• Verification of environmental management systems

• Verification of safety management systems

• Audits and gap analysis


Inspection Services

• Procurement/production

• QA/AC services, acceptance testing of materials and components

• Manufacturers Capability Certification (MCC)

• Worldwide production monitoring

• Expediting services

• Pre-shipment and packing inspections Construction engineering services

• Witness of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and site commissioning tests

• Monitoring of manufacture, construction and fabrication activities

• Witness of proof and type testing